Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello everybody!

Well, I am SO excited, because this is my first official blog post!! This website has been long in the making, and I am very ready for it to become 'live.' Let me start off by saying that none of this website would be here if it weren't for my husband Michael. I wish I understood all this technical stuff, but I sure don't! He has stayed up many nights 'til past midnight working on the galleries and trying to get everything set up. So if you like what you see here, give a big thanks to Michael! I just took the pretty pictures.

My main goal of this first post is just to say hello! I am so glad you all have stopped by to check out my website! I have been 'doing photography' for quite a few years now, and am very excited to finally have a website for it! I just got some new business cards (pictures below), which I just love. If you like how they look, check out - they are amazing with business cards!

I encourage you all to check out the whole site. Visit the galleries to see past shoots I've done - who knows, you may even see yourself on there! Leave some comments if you like what you see, and I'll be posting again soon! Thanks for your support!