Thursday, July 30, 2015

Michael - A Backyard Personal Shoot

Well I personally love this blog post because it's about someone whom I happen to like a lot :) Michael is on the blog today! I recently got a new 50mm 2.8 lens, and I wanted to try it out. Who else should I use as a model but my handsome husband? Michael has an incredible story and has been an immense support to me with my photography over the years he's known me. He's been my number 1 encourager, always telling me to go for it, invest more, do what I love. Looking at him in these pictures, you would never know the past he's been through. In case you know nothing about it, you can check out his story about his fight with brain cancer here:

He has taught me more than anybody else about love, patience, trust, and so much more. He helps me clean and cooks way more than I do, and puts up with my constant whining about how much I'm tired of being in school. Basically, I couldn't ask for a better guy :)
Now, enough lovey dovey stuff. Enjoy my favorites of his handsome self!

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