Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Your Grandma Did What? - A Personal Post

As you all can probably tell, I love visiting my parents in Hendersonville. I can't believe it's already been a year since they moved there! I think this past visit was my favorite because it was a mini-reunion! Both my sisters and their husbands were there, and even my uncle from Michigan! It was a short trip, just a long weekend, but worth it. Michael and I took Sampson the Spyder and got my parents' retirement community all riled up over the excitement. But my favorite part? Having my 89-year-old grandma, my mom, and my older sister all take a ride on Sampson. I truly never thought I'd see the day when my Grandma would ride a motorcycle!! It was amazing. After that excitement we all enjoyed a visit to Chimney Rock to explore and play putt-putt and Michael and I even visited the smallest chapel at Lake Lure! So enjoy some of my favorites from the weekend and embrace life today!!

                                    My family doesn't know how to handle family pictures

                                      And here she is. The 89-yr-old adventurer.                                                

                                                     Mom's turn! Such a smile.

                                                     Last but not least, Emily.

                                                      Exploring Chimney Rock



                                     My family doesn't know how to do a proper thumbs-up.



Michael got the only hole-in-one AND won both teams.

                                                                  The smallest chapel!

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