Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Themmy - A High Point Senior Shoot

The thing I loved about my shoot with Themmy is that she was up for anything. We had to reschedule her shoot originally due to rain, and this time it was HOT, even at 9 in the morning. But Themmy was an incredible sport. She laid in fields, climbed up rocks, parked in questionable places, and looked amazing doing all of it. I met Themmy through a mutual friend and I am so thankful! She is a sweet, beautiful girl who is going to do big things with her life. We had some awesome locations scouted out in High Point, so enjoy some of my many favorites! SO hard to pick just a few for the blog!

                                                                Finally got to use my awesome chair!

You can't tell, but Themmy's aunt is crouching behind the chair to keep it from tumbling down a hill. It always helps to bring along a friend!

                                       Oh yeah, this was one of her very first shots.

                                                     She is so good and doesn't even try.



                      She felt pretty ridiculous when I told her to twirl in a field, but it was worth it

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