Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Carey's - A BalloonFest Family Shoot

Yes, it is ridiculous that I've taken a break for so long. But rather than attempt to draw empathy for my busy schedule, I am instead going to tell you about some amazing people in my life that I just don't see enough anymore.

When I first moved to Greensboro back in 2010, it was a pretty rough time. I was living with my sister, going through lots of personal crap, and was very confused and unsure about my life. I was trying out different churches, and as I left a service one day this girl came running after me yelling. I thought something was wrong, but turns out she had seen my new face and wanted to make sure she introduced herself before I ran off like new people tend to do. She then invited me to go shopping at antique jewelry stores and made a Food Lion run, then I was going to campfire cookouts and she was introducing me to what was going to become my church home for the next 2-3 years. Which in turn, is where I met Michael. So really, a good amount of my happiness started with this amazing girl Matti.

I've known Matti & Chris since before their first sweet boy was born. I remember when Matti told me she was pregnant, and taking his newborn pictures. Unfortunately with us living 30 minutes apart now, we don't see each other that much, and I honestly miss them. A lot. BUT, we got to spend half a day together at the BalloonFest in Statesville! I've wanted to go for a long time and Matti had invited me the past 2 years and I was never able to go. I'm SO glad we did. It was a beautiful day, so many gorgeous balloons, and just hanging out with this family again was a blast. Matti & Chris have been ridiculously patient while I've taken forever getting their pictures ready, and hopefully they think it's worth it! Enjoy some of my many favorites!!



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