Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hawaii Haven - Personal

Well these next 2 blog posts are going to be some of my favorites. Michael & I had the amazing opportunity to visit some of our best friends in O'ahu before they move to CA. They had a beautiful home in Kapolei and Michael and I crammed as much as we could into our 6 days there. We loved spending the time with Justin and Whitney and I have never been to a more beautiful place. I certainly didn't want to come back. Enjoy some of my favorites from the first few days!

View from the plane!

We were greeted with fresh flower leis!

Their beautiful yard

                                                      A helicopter tour ride over the island!

                                                  A circle rainbow below us! So amazing

                                                     Pearl habor

                                                 The most beautiful mai tai there ever was

                                               An amazing ATV tour!

                                                       The real submarine used in Lost

                                                              Halona Cove

                                                 God of the sea!

                                                              Electric Beach

We went scuba diving! Our first time and it was pretty terrifying.

I had a hard time figuring out the fins

 Check back next week for the 2nd half!