Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Loki Poki - Personal

This is definitely a favorite blog post of mine simply because of how stinking adorable it is. Hedgehogs have seemed to apparently become pretty popular as pets. I saw some adorable ones in a photography contest I was a part of this year and thought I had to do some more research on these things... and a few weeks later, Loki Poki was ours'. After lots of going back and forth between different breeders and ideas for cages, etc. we finally got everything straightened out! Loki Poki is now about 9 weeks old, and he's an African Pygmy hedgehog. He loves to cuddle, poop, and make a mess of his cage by throwing food and toys everywhere. I love him more than I thought possible :) Enjoy some pictures of his cute self!

                                                         We did a little mini photo shoot

                                                 Just letting it all hang out

                                                              Family portrait back when we first got him

He started playing, then fell asleep

Helping me study for finals!

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