Sunday, October 30, 2016

Abby - A Burlington Senior Shoot

I realize I'm typing this at 3:27AM, which seems a bit ridiculous. But Michael & I are about to head off on vacation in 2 hours and naturally I'm too excited to sleep. Also I REALLY wanted this sweet girl to have a chance to see just a few of her pictures before I leave. I met Abby through Macie's graduation party (remember her??) and we talked about doing her shoot! I was all in. Fall shoots are just my favorite and Abby's was no different. This girl was up for anything. We also came to find out Abby's a bit of a horse whisperer as we had lots of visitors at this shoot :D It was perfect weather with some amazing Beyonce wind, and she even brought her dog! I loved my time with this girl and her mom! Abby, I can't wait for you to embark on your new adventure at school! But until then, enjoy just a few of my MANY favorites!!


Abby dances tap, so brought her shoes along!


 Can we say Christmas card?!?

Bringing sunflowers to a fall shoot is the best idea.